Few items in the home double as both a workhorse and a decorative feature to the extent most kitchen countertops do.

The expansive nature of Kerrock surfaces means they often become the defining element of the room. And in today’s open-concept homes, the visual impact of many countertops can influence the look of adjoining spaces in a house. That is why we at LISAC concentrate on featuring one of the most beautiful surface in the world in your home. Each kitchen we remodel becomes our showroom that will take your guests breath away.

Time is the most expensive aspect to kitchen design. We fabricate all of our materials right here in Loomis allowing some of the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

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Join our family of satisfied clients, who are amazed at the state of the art equipment, efficiency and professional approach to each project.


“We just remodeled our kitchen. In the process we looked at EVERY countertop surface available and settled on Kerrock as the best value for the investment. As Matt C. indicated Kerrock is like “Corian on Steroids”. We purchased integrated sinks with full height back splash. Demolition of the old tile counter top to installation of the new Kerrock countertop took just one week. Stanko (owner) was very good about keeping us updated on the progress of manufacture (which is done in Loomis). The demolition and installation crews were prompt, courteous, and cleanup after themselves. Just checkout the showroom in Loomis and I think you will agree that Kerrock is a great product”.

Michael I.

Sacramento, CA

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