Tired of cleaning your shower?

Say Goodbye To Tile Grout & Hard Water Stains Forever

Lisac-Shower-Remodel-1Otherwise know as “The shower that last forever”, Lisac Kitchen & Bathroom is the only company in the United States that offers Kerrock, a unique material for kitchen and bath design. We promise that its durability and quality are like no other. In order to maintain

our high standards of quality and design, Lisac does not distribute the material to other contractors for their own use, since installation is a specialized art that has taken us many years to perfect.

The Kerrock Shower is the best shower you can get in terms of durability and there will never be any staining or soap build up. Kerrock material was originally designed for hospitals because nothing can penetrate the surface. Because of this, it is impossible to

stain and it turns cleaning your shower into an easy one step process of wiping it down with Comet, Ajax or Scotch Bright. Your days of spending hours on your knees cleaning

tile grout & hard water stains are over! “You clean the shower like you are buffing a car, but with less elbow grease and without ruining the finish.”

Kerrock is custom made to your sepcific needs and designed and installed in your home-not in a factory and brought into your home. There are no limitations as far as what can be done. You can make the walls & f100F of your shower one continuous piece-it is truly a unique material that has, in-turn, created a unique business venture for Lisac Kitchen & Bathroom.


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