I have to give Kerrock five stars. They did a shower for us. I liked that they didn’t have one person do it all. When installing the Kerrock, they had two people install it (several guys worked on the project). Better than one guy trying to do it all. My wife wanted Corian for our new shower. We had another company (probably the biggest kitchen remodeler in Sacramento) put in Corian in another bathroom and that other company installed our vanity, etc. (see my other review on that company). We might have used the other company again, but we were really not that happy with them. We would have used them as a last resort though. But there are other Corian companies in the Sacramento area. we consulted the other major Corian company in the area. We like to get building permits. Lots of people consider building permits a waste of money, but we are Mike Holmes fans… we want to get permits to protect us. There’s a new rule that the backerboard in the shower area has to be this special stuff…Hardieboard or Denshield. The second Corian company said they didn’t need to do that-purple board is fine. We told the second Corian company that the City didn’t care what the outside material was made of… the City said it’s a new rule and even Corian has to use the new backerboard. If this company had said “if it makes you comfortable, we’ll use the material,” we probably would have used them, but they refused. So they were out. We tried a third smaller Corian company. However, the guy is only a Corian fabricator and installer. We had to find our own demo guy, plumber, and backboard installer. We contacted a contractor the small guy recommended, but he was way too expensive. That Corian company was probably pretty good, but managing our whole project was too difficult for us. We had contacted several other NARI rated companies (not Corian though) and they turned out to be flakes. Just because they are NARI members doesn’t mean they are any good. So we happened to see Kerrock at the Auburn Home Show (we had also seen their exhibit at the Galleria). When we told them we needed to have the cement board as the backerboard, Stanko (the owner) readily agreed to use it. Contractors don’t seem to know about this backerboard rule, which seems to indicate many of them don’t want to work with permits. But Kerrock came through for us and agreed to use the backerboard we were told by the City we had to use in order to pass inspection. The whole process took a few days, but I think they did a very nice job. No leaking faucets, everything looks great. The Kerrock pattern we chose is very similar to Corian. It feels and looks like Corian. Plus Kerrock was less expensive than the other companies. I do recommend them. And we passed our final inspection