Kerrock is a solid-surface countertop, which is suitable for kitchens & bathrooms, shower enclosures, and other applications. Basically, when I describe “Kerrock” to people visiting our home, its “Corian on Steroids”…..this material is highly resistant to melting or scratching. Last Thanksgiving, I set a turkey in its roasting pan, directly on the counter top……forgetting to put a trivet…….it doesn’t matter: the Kerrock will NOT melt or scratch. Easy to clean with Windex…..its beautiful and durable. The cost is actually less than Corian, and the Kerrock installers are wonderful. IN OUR HOUSEHOLD, you will find “Kerrock” in our Kitchen (Counter top & island), and two Bathrooms (sinks, countertops, and shower enclosures). We chose the speckly “Granite” style patterns, which are a wee bit extra but worth it because they look so beautiful. Kerrock is outstanding…….a home improvement product that is not only gorgeous but durable and increases the value of your home